Stacey P. Byford, DAAM

I was an attorney and an active mother of two when I discovered permanent makeup. Hoping to look more awake and refreshed throughout the day, I decided to get permanent eyeliner. I rarely wore makeup, and certainly did not want to look made up, so I asked the technician to be as conservative as possible - I wanted to look natural and, yes, maybe a bit younger too. I was absolutely thrilled with the result and kicked myself for not doing it sooner.

At that time, I was growing tired of the legal profession and longing for a more satisfying career. Increasingly enthusiastic about permanent makeup, I was singing its praises to anyone who would listen and began to consider learning the art myself. The more I thought about it, the more excited I became about doing it. Eventually, I left my legal practice, underwent rigorous hands-on training by a board certified instructor, apprenticed under two highly skilled board certified technicians and met all of the requirements for certification by the American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM) ( I am now a fully insured, board certified permanent makeup technician and a Diplomat of the AAM. I have never looked back! I am such a fan of this discipline and truly love what I do - the work, the people and the truly remarkable results. What a gift it is to help someone feel better about themselves. When a client tells me: “I don’t know why I waited so long to do this,” I nod in agreement, because I feel exactly the same way.

I am conveniently located in New Paltz, NY and can generally accommodate every client at her convenience, 7 days a week. I am a consummate professional, take great pride in what I do and treat each and every face as if it were my own. What are YOU waiting for??

Call me at (973) 214-0469 or email me at to schedule your consultation today!

This is no tattoo parlor experience. Think spa treatment! From the time Stacey greets you and settles you comfortably into her beautiful, immaculately clean studio to explain the procedure you are pampered and cared for as if you were visiting a high end spa.

Any questions or hesitations are put to rest as she thoroughly and confidently explains the details of the procedure. No point of the process is left unattended. Stacey's aftercare is as diligent and personal as the procedure itself, with follow up phone calls making sure all was well with my eyes. Stacey made me feel well cared for from start to finish!

And of course nothing speaks as loudly as the the finished product! The eyeliner looks fabulous! Friends are amazed and can't believe its a tattoo! I love the new ease of getting ready in the morning or that extra pop it gives my eyes if I decide to put on heavier makeup for an evening out.

If one is going to make the choice to have semipermanent make-up done, the next BEST choice is to have Stacey do the procedure!

Shannon S.
New York, NY


The young pretty eyes that I still expect to see in the morning at 46 are back! Every time I look in the mirror I am thrilled that I did this for myself. Any discomfort during the procedure is minimal and worth this feeling of liberation.

Jill V.
Franklin Lakes, NJ


Stacey was great to work with - she is both professional and personable. She made great color recommendations and was sensitive to concerns about pain. The procedures turned out to be pain free based on Stacey's natural touch and her ability to read me and know when the use of topical
anesthetics would have been appreciated - an unexpected bonus! In the end, I was happy with my look - I am free of eyebrow and lip pencils without
looking "done" when I am not wearing make up! I would never consider going to anyone else in the future.

Gina C.
Morristown, NJ


A few months ago on a whim, I decided to have some semi-permanent eyeliner done in the salon where I get my hair done.  The very next day I knew it was a mistake.  Both eyes did not look the same.  I went back to get it corrected and the girl made it worse.  I lived with it for a while and then once I was healed I started calling around to local tattoo parlors for help.  I was eventually referred to Stacey.  I called her and immediately knew I was in good hands.  She went so far as to come to see me at my office to take a look at what I needed.  We scheduled an appointment and began the correction.  She did such a great job correcting the eyeliner that I went further and did my eyebrows.  I can’t say enough about Stacey’s work.  The experience I had with Stacey compared to my prior experience is like night and day.  If you are thinking about semi-permanent cosmetics, I would not go to anyone else but Stacey.  Having Stacey do the eyeliner and eyebrows for me has definitely cut time off my mornings.  Yes!!  I am a very happy client!!  Please feel free to call my office if you would like further recommendation.  (845) 256-8866.

Bonnie C.
New Paltz, NY

I can not say enough of how happy I am every time I look in mirror, my eyes look amazing! I have so many friends who have complimented on how great they look and the most important one from my other half, who is my biggest critic. He was a little apprehensive the day I got them done but now he says the look amazing! Thank you Stacey, and I will be back!

Denise D.
Rosendale, NY


I am so pleased with my eyeliner. Stacey was professional and compassionate. My eyes don't look tired anymore!!

Carolyn R.
New Paltz, NY


I went to Stacey after my mother had amazing results. At the time I was penciling my eyebrows daily. I'm very active; I run, swim and sweat a lot, so I was constantly self conscious about my brows being washed away. After getting them done, I dont even think about it! My brows look so natural and perfect! Im so happy with them. Stacey is very precise and thorough so I felt at ease. Overall, it was well worth it!!

Melissa C.
New Paltz, NY


I have nothing but good things to say about Stacey and her services! I am so pleased with my permanent upper eyeliner. It is difficult to find people who are skilled in what they do in the field of beauty/art. Stacey is patient, outgoing and genuinely interested in her client's satisfaction. She is very attentive and generous with her time. I can't wait to get my lower lash line done!
Thank you Stacey!

Andrea M.
Hudson, NY


I typically get my eyebrows waxed every two weeks and on a typical visit to my usual salon I had a different technician who unfortunately was a little overzealous with her plucking and left me with 1/2 a left eyebrow! I was so upset at the thought that it might now grow back. I penciled my eyebrow on everyday but than I had to pencil in the other side to balance them out. The problem was throughout the day with wiping, perspiration and basic daily activities; the liner would smudge off and therefore leave me uneven which I wouldn't notice until I caught a quick glimpse of myself in a mirror. Stacey to the rescue! I am so thankful to have had her experience, professionalism and perfectionism because she was able to tattoo on my left brow to an exact match to my brow color and than tattooed a little to the right side to help balance them out. She actually made them look better than they did before I had the horrible waxing experience. I am now considering eyeliner and possibly even a little beauty mark on the cheek because I am so completely thrilled at how great Stacey is and how natural her work looks. Highly recommend if you are considering any enhancements and even more so if you need any corrections as did I. You won't be sorry...she's extremely talented and great to work with!

Kimberly M.
Morristown, NJ


I needed my eyebrows done for several years now and didn't want to have this very important procedure done by just anyone. I researched long and hard in reference to finding someone that specializes in permanent makeup. Through all my searches, Stacey Byford was the only licensed and accredited specialist in the Hudson Valley. Stacey made me feel at ease, answered all my questions and the moment I stepped into her parlor, I knew I made the right choice. She did an outstanding job! My new eyebrows look great. My eyebrows are no longers slaves to eyepencils. They look natural, not tattoed like other places I've seen. I highly recommend her to anyone! Stacey, You Rock!

Wanda S.
Hopewell Junction, NY


I personally recommend Stacey. I was impressed with Stacey's professional demeanor. She explained in detail what she was going to do to my eyebrows and what to expect. Stacey has a pleasant warm and easy-going disposition. She welcomed me and made me feel very comfortable. I knew right away she was competent, and the best part is I don't have to draw my eyebrows on every morning. I highly recommend Pretty in Ink and Stacey.

Debbie P.
Marlboro, NY